Maintaining Modern Video Displays and Touch Screens

CAIG Laboratories: The Home of What You Need to Maintain all Modern Video Displays and Touch Screens

With the pandemic in full swing last year, and with its continuation in 2021, many of us have taken to video to fill some time.  Whether it is gaming, binge watching your favorite series, or catching a movie premier at home, our video displays are busier than ever.  Given the possible heavier than normal use, this is a great time to properly care for and maintain these displays.  Plus, a little maintenance will get you a better picture, clearer audio and ensure that your display is working when you need it most.  

There are too many types of modern displays to go over each individually.  Luckily, most displays operate with the same basic materials and connections.  The following are some basic tips and guidelines for maintaining modern video displays.  

  • The First step YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY SHOULD BE PARAMOUNT! Use extreme caution at all times.  
  • If the following tips are in any way contrary to the instructions of the manufacturer of the equipment, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Observe all applicable safety protocols listed by the manufacturer of the device/tool, if any.
  • In the case of powered equipment, make sure the equipment is turned off, unplugged and/or the battery is removed before starting maintenance.

I. Getting Started

**Prior to beginning your maintenance, we recommend that you apply Hand E Glove protective lotion to your hands. (See Hand-E-Glove With Shop – CAIG)  This lotion will protect you from harsh chemicals and will dampen static while you work on maintaining your tools and powered equipment.  In addition, if you put the Hand E Glove on before you work, you will notice that cleanup is very easy, even greases and adhesives will come off with simple soap and water.

II.  Video Display Maintenance

For most displays, there will be three (3) specific areas to clean and maintain.  Accordingly, for this process, we will be utilizing 3 different products, one specifically for each step of maintenance.  

A. Connectors, Switches and Potentiometers

Depending on the conditions where you live and where you use your display, you should maintain the connectors, switches and potentiometers at least every 6-12 months.  If you live near the ocean or if you are working on a mobile display, such as that on a laptop or tablet, you should perform this routine connectivity maintenance more often.  If you have never maintained the connectivity, you should do so immediately so that your video has the best possible signal strength, and corresponding display.  

Most modern displays will have various contact points that utilize different connectors (HDMI, USB, VGA, S-Type RCA, COAXIAL, XLR, USB, etc.).  The one thing that all of these connectors have in common is that they are metal to metal.  As a result, these connectors can and will corrode, interfering with your signal and ending in signal distortion or a complete loss of signal.  Good news, DeoxIT® D Series will help you maintain these contacts.  Plus, the D Series will lubricate the contacts and preserve your equipment life.  There are many DeoxIT D Series applicators – choose the one that works best for your application (see DeoxIT D-Series page with shop – CAIG) 

*** There is one connector that may be on your display equipment that should not be sprayed with DeoxIT.  Optical digital audio connections are a popular way to send high-quality audio between devices. They are also known as TOSLINK connections.  Unlike other cabling standards, the optical audio system uses fiber optic cables and laser light to transmit digital audio signals between devices.  Do not apply DeoxIT® to these type of connectors.  If you need to clean such optical connectors, then use CAIG Labs’ Fiber Optic Cleaning kit- CAIG Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit #K-FO79 – CAIG

Simply apply the D Series Product to the connectors, switches or potentiometers.  Less is more in the case and you just need enough product to cover the connector surface.  Wipe away any excess.  The DeoxIT will do all the work, and remove contaminants like oxidation.  You will notice a “shine” left on the connector surface.  Do not worry about the same… this is a layer of DeoxIT that will continue to protect, clean and lubricate the connection.  All good things for your viewing pleasure and your equipment life!

B. Display Cases

In addition to the actual screen surface and the metal connectors, your display will have an exterior cabinet or case, usually made of some type of plastic.  While removing the dirt and dust for the casing may not give you the improvements that you will see with cleaning the connectors and the actual screen, it will make your device look nicer.  Plus, removing any dust and other debris from the cabinet will prevent those same contaminants from working their way to the connections.  

CAIG Labs makes GX3 Equipment Cleaner and Conditioner.  See Equipment Cleaner & Conditioner, #CL-ECP-08 – CAIG   The GX3 Equipment Cleaner is a gentle anti-static cleaner, polish and protectant for high end equipment surfaces.   This product conveniently comes with an optical quality micro fiber cloth to assist in cleaning.  Simply spray the GX3 solution on the included cloth and wipe off the cabinet with the same.  Use on front panels, polished surfaces and fine wood surfaces, including piano black surfaces. 

C. Display Screens

Lastly, the most important part of your display should be well cleaned… the actual screen surface!  Modern screens, whether they are for your television or computer, or a touch screen for something else such as an automobile, all utilize plastics in their construction.  These plastics do a great job in providing a clear image.  This is definitely something that we want to maintain, and not to damage or otherwise dull this important surface.  

Accordingly, alcohol, ammonia and other chemicals should be avoided when cleaning screens.  These harsh chemicals may work the first time you use them, but over time, they will cloud your display as they destroy the plastic. Use CAIG Labs’ Screen Cleaner solution on these screens. See Screen Cleaning Kit, #CCS-503 (22 oz Spray) – CAIG and Screen Cleaning Kit, #CCS-502 – CAIG

CAIG Brand Screen Cleaner has been specially formulated for all modern displays, whether they are LCD, Plasma, Touch Screens and CRT Screens.  This solution is gentle, but strong enough to get your screen clean.  Plus, both versions of CAIG’s screen cleaner, 22 oz and 2 oz, come with a microfiber cloth to assist in cleaning.  

CAIG screen cleaner does not contain either alcohol or ammonia.  This product does not leave streaks, removes oil and finger prints, is anti-static and will repel dust.

We wait until the final step to do this cleaning to ensure that you have the best image possible and any excess product, dust or debris that got on the screen while you were maintaining the connections and cleaning the cabinet.   Simply apply the screen cleaner to the included microfiber cloth and wipe the screen surface.  You will see a great image without any contaminants blocking your view.  A convenient, safe and easy to use solution that will make your screen look good as new!

III. Conclusion 

The application of DeoxIT to your video connectors will give you the highest and best signal strength, the anti-static properties of CAIG’s other cleaning solutions will keep the dust away, the images will be crisp and clear, and your equipment will look great.  This little bit of maintenance will make your time in front of the screen much more enjoyable!