Need recommendation on which product to use on Audio and Video equipment?

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Hello CAIG,
We are professional installers and would like some advice or instruction sheet on which product to use on our audio and video equipment.
We also do outdoor installations for home and businesses.


Best product on 7/16 DIN connectors (military/aviation) for 10 year life?

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Dear Sir

I am interested in using / testing DeoxIT Gold on RF power connectors.
These connectors are in difficult places to access and need to function well for 10 years. They are placed in exposed positions but the centre PIN and the coax outside are shielded by metal. see 7/16 connector.

These are to be used in the UK so not the -40c to + 50c , but may be near salt water, or pollution.

See 7/16 DIN connector

The main problem I think is thin film build at about 20 Angstroms thick, and not so much fretting.
Do you supply the Military? Aviation with any product and if so does it meet a test specification.

In short Do you think your product could help ?

Many thanks in advance,

Can I use the DeoxIT L260DQp grease on old vehicle connectors with severe oxidation?

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I work on older vehicles quite a bit, but these are new enough to have electronic sensors with connections to the engine management computer that are very important and sensitive. I have been using your L260DQNp….no particles the last couple of years. I love the all-in-one functionality…protecting/sealing plus promoting continuity between metal but NOT encouraging stray electrical paths like a conductive grease would.
But, I have noticed that some of the older connections need cleaning to really get good conductivity even after the Np grease. My question….do you think the L260DQp, with non-conductive quartz particles, would be a good fit for this?….promote some mild cleaning when I apply and work the connector, but NOT too abrasive over time with the minor vibrations of an automobile?



Aerospace Rotary Switches and Cockpit Controls – Best product?

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(This question was submitted to our Questionnaire page; It was edited for conciseness)

This product is for: Metal electronic connections

Contacts are fine silver on fine silver Collector is fine silver on hard gold plate BeCU Would like to know what DeoxIT Gold Gx series is designed for. Started using DeoxIT Pen D100P on test equipment with great success. DeoxIT Gold may also help with some production issues.

Existing issues and/or problems:
Using Crysto-Lube MCG 134 (NLGI 2) on contacts. Having shock / vibration induced chatter from grease. Need a replacement.

Environment device or equipment will be exposed to when in operation?:
Very severe aggressive chemicals naval vessels refineries mining etc.

Specify sensitive materials and/or components.:
MIL-M-14 Diallyl Phthalate (D72/6120F) VALOX 420 Resin (Polybutylene Therephthalate)

Best applicator: Pen Type similar to felt marker.

Additional Information:
MIL-DTL-3786/4 and MIL-DTL-3786/13
.5 Amp and low current
Vibration Grade 3
Altitude Symbol C (70,000 ft)
Temperature-Life C (-65 and +125) and (25,000 Cycles) Salt
Atmosphere (MIL-STD-202-101)

Mason Controls

Cleaning of AC connectors; Pin and Sleeve, Single Pole Staging Cam-Lock, and Twist Lock?

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I’m wondering what you recommend for the cleaning of AC connectors; Pin and Sleeve, Single Pole Staging Cam-Lock, and Twist Lock.
Some examples:  Primarily Hubbells HBL2613, HBL 2623, HBL460P7WR, HBL330C6W, HBL400 series.


Hybrid Battery (600VDC) applications which calls for treatment of connectors (both high and low voltage connectors)

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Message: I noticed a Field Repair Guide for one of our Hybrid Battery (600VDC) applications which calls for connectors (both high and low voltage connectors) to first be cleaned/lubricated with DeoxIT D5 and then filled with Dow Corning DOWSIL-4 or MolyKote Dielectric grease.

Is this something you’d approve of (using both DeoxIT and a grease)?  Are there any issues you can think of where doing this could be a problem down the line a few months/years?

Is DeoxIT alone sufficient to clean, lubricate, and protect connections?

Thanks, Steve T

BAE Systems

Need a product for our bridges. Lubricating, cleaning and protecting solutions for lift gearing, locking and limit switches.

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Our most important concern is our exposed limit switches (rocker and plunger-style) which tend to accumulate grime from spray lubricants, road surface dirt, and winter road salting. We are in a freshwater environment, but exposed parts do take a beating.

We are also looking for a lubricant to help with our safety tail lock pads that tend to flash rust from damp and cold environment.  The main arm and pad are pushed into place by hydraulic arms. Our issue is the base pad of the bridge structure rubbing against the tail lock pad.

Third issue we run into is extreme cold operations on our exposed bridge gear & rack systems on a 1936 double leaf steel bascule bridge. In normal weather we use MobileTech lubricant, however in winter we have to mix it with another lubricant to make it adhere to the gears or it will flake off.  Not exactly something we like to mix up.

We have some photos of the limit switches and tail locks if you would like to see some of our systems.
I am familiar with some of your spray products as I use them on older Amateur Radio equipment I own (and highly recommended by other older operators).

Thank you,
Howie Hathaway

Having Fuse box connection problems on BMW Motorcycles and Mercedes vehicles?

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I own a company that services motorcycles, plus older BMW and Mercedes vehicles which have continuing problems in the fuse box connections to pin type fuses. Have used Stabilant 22 in the past with very marginal success, but it is hard to use and hard to find. Do you have any products to help?

Can I use DeoxIT® on Car batteries and other connections?

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I use your DeoxIT® D-Series and DeoxIT® Gold G-Series products on my audio/video and computer systems. I have a 12 years old car and this is the first time that I have to change battery. Since your products are so excellent in the audio field, I thought to clean the oxidized termination in the car with the red DeoxIT® D-Series, and then later put the DeoxIT® Gold on it. Do you recommend this?

So, can I use them on the new battery and the old termination? Do you recommend putting any grease between the termination wire and the new battery or the DeoxIT is enough?

Refurbishing an old Car (automotive) Hi-Fi system – Which products?

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I’m planning to refurbish the contacts of my old car-HiFi system. Is it a good 3-day practice to use first the DeoxIT® D-Series for cleaning the contacts, then the DeoxIT® Gold G-Series for the golden contacts and at last to seal them with the DeoxIT® Shield S-Series? Or is it a disadvantage to mix up the products this way? The car is exposed to the mid-European weather the whole year, so moisture and fast temperature changes is a problem even inside of it.