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Q? I’ve been having issue with my cell phone. At times when I have my headphones plugged in and I’m on a call, when I hit the connector by mistake, I lose the call. Can your product fix this problem?

A!  Yes, absolutely.  The cause of this, is oxidation on the metal surface. Sometimes the metal is making a connection and sometime not.  Apply DeoxIT® D-Series on the connection.

You can use the DeoxIT® Cell Phone Kit, which is supplied with a small brush bottle and apply to the plug on the headphone cord, then just plug in.

Q? I plan on using your DeoxIT D-Series onto microcontroller sockets/pins. How long it is going to prevent the oxidation on the socket pins?

A! For the first treatment, we recommended following the below guidelines, then spot check when you get to recommended re-treatment period.

Adjust to time of re-treatment.

Clean room = 10+ years

Average = 5+ years

High humidity/coastal = recommend re-treating every 2+ years

High pollution/industrial = recommended re-treating 1+ year.

Q? We want to purchase a grease for disconnect panel main input lugs that have oxidation on the surfaces. We have tried other lithium greases without success. What do you recommend.

A! We can recommend two possible solutions.

  1. a) For surfaces with slight oxidation on the metal surfaces, apply our DeoxIT® L260 Plus Grease Spray (Part No. L260DNp) – which does both, dissolves oxidation, improves current flow and lubricates surfaces.
  2. b) If the metal surfaces are severely oxidized, first apply the DeoxIT D-Series (Part No. D5S-6 or DN5S-6N), then apply one of our DeoxIT L260 Grease with particles. For example; if metals on lugs are copper, use Part No. L260Cp (with copper particles).  If lugs are aluminum; use Part No. L260Ap (with aluminum particles).  If lug material is unknown or a mixture, use L260Qp (with quartz particles).  The particles help break up the oxidation and corrosion.

Q? Electronic locks not working, Help! We install and service many electronic locks and controllers, mostly on industrial and institutional applications, that are exposed to the elements and have a terrible time with oxidation and corrosion on contacts. It gets so bad in some areas (coastal locations or on marine equipment), the locks/equipment totally stops working. What do you recommend?

A!  Electronic locks and equipment are very sensitive to even minor amounts of oxidation, especially in salt/humidity environments or outdoors, i.e. utility company cabinets, parking meters, apartment complexes, etc. The two products to solve most, if not all your, issues are the DeoxIT® D-Series and our DeoxIT® Grease Type L260D, which is a lithium grease infused with DeoxIT® D-Series.  Use the DeoxIT® D-Series on electrical connections that are NOT directly exposed to the elements.  Use the DeoxIT® Grease L260D on exposed electrical connections; i.e. Antenna connections, coax connections, etc.

Q? Do you have a flexible tube that stays bent when you form it? The straight only straw sometimes has to be bent in such a way that it takes two hands to get it where it has to go and you can’t get to the spray button.

We have the Flexible Extension Straws for the Perfect Straw cans (part no. CL-EXT-PS2). However, it doesn’t stay bent the way you form it, you have to hold/press the end to have it bent. You can hold it with one hand/finger, while the other hand press the spray button.

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