DeoxIT® D-Series is an excellent product for removing oxidation and contamination from dirty switches & controls and reducing intermittent contact problems. We have been using CAIG products with great success for over 40 years.


Diebold Nixdorf

We have been using CAIG products since 1980 on our automated teller machines to help ensure reliable performance.


Fred Weinberg Productions

I have been a recording studio owner for over 20 years. Years ago, when an important piece of audio equipment stopped functioning, during an important session, my assistant pulled out a spray can of DeoxIT®. After spraying the product on several circuit board contacts, the equipment worked perfectly. It was a “life saver.”

I became a fan of CAIG products, such as DeoxIT®, and DeoxIT® Gold, other CAIG products.  I could not believe the efficiency and cost effectiveness, saving old and new equipment.

Suffice it to say, DeoxIT® saved my equipment many, many times, and saved me on equipment repairs. In fact, I recently dragged one of my vintage Tape Recorders out of our storage vault because I needed to transfer analog tapes to  my computer.  The recorder had not worked for years. Before my taking it apart, I decided to try the CAIG products, and incredibly . . .Voila!!,  it revived the  good ol’ machine.

Bottom line…Before spending money on equipment repair, ranging from recording equipment, computers, outboard equipment, and even many household electronic items, I suggest looking into the many CAIG products available in order help to revive them, or as preventive measures, to help keep them all  “Humming Happily”.

Fred Weinberg


General Electric

We were having trouble with edge connectors in our manufacturing environment until we tried DeoxIT® Gold Wipes . . . . . . great product.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

We identified that we were having significant supplier cleaning issues on many of our component interconnects that were leading to higher rates of failures for our customers in some cases.  An investigation was launched to improve the quality of our interconnects.   We performed environment testing, system testing, and field testing on our most problematic systems.   We determined that applying the DeoxIT® D-Series dramatically improved the performance and reliability of our interconnects on our servers.   The two year investigation included a full blown qualification of the DeoxIT® D-Series product on our assemblies, memory dimms, and memory connectors and the results passed all of our testing with flying colors!

The CAIG Team has and continues to be a tremendous asset, working with our team to develop tools and a process of implementing the cleaning process to our manufacturing facilities worldwide.  It has been very clear that CAIG has our customers and our companies best interest in mind in creating a method of improving the reliability of our products in a very cost effective manner.   Personally, their customer service and technical expertise is second to none – it continues to be a pleasure working with them!

Chuck C.
Master Quality Engineer, HPE Servers



CAIG’s DeoxIT® D-Series is great stuff. We use it on feedback slide-wires, edge connectors, & relay contacts in industrial process controls.



I have used CAIG products over the last 30 some years. DeoxIT® D5 Contact Cleaner, DeoxIT® F5 Fader, and DeoxIT® Gold Pro Gx3 are all indispensable when servicing older units with dirty or intermittent mechanical switches and controls. DeoxIT® Gold Pro Gx3 is the only solution for cleaning dirty tube pins that I have found and it will not turn to gunk under the high temperature of the vacuum tube pins. For servicing of electronics these products are indispensable. Thanks, CAIG Labs!

Ron Cornelius – McIntosh Labs



People call me daily asking for recommendations for cleaners and lubricants. Most everyone has tried something less than DeoxIT®, and after using what we authorize, the results are always positive, sometimes bordering on miraculous.



We use DeoxIT® Gold Wipes to protect virgin edge connectors, DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner to eliminate intermittent problems on primitive tin-to-tin connectors (which tend to vibrate) and will be using DeoxIT® Gold in the field for gold connectors . . . . . excellent products.



Corrosion problems on very sensitive connectors have been an annoying problem for us. We have tried many products without success until we tried CAIG’s DeoxIT® D-Series and DeoxIT® Gold. They are the only products that have worked perfectly. We highly recommend them.


System Service Manager


We manufacture, install, and service industrial equipment in the electronics manufacturing industry worldwide. Over the years, the division that had the biggest problem is our warranty repair.   Our service technicians would repeatedly go back to the same account to troubleshoot and fix contact and connector related issues. It got so bad on some accounts (in high humidity and high pollutant environments) that we changed all the connectors to gold plated and in some instances, direct soldered the connections.

I then read an ad in an industrial magazine for a product (DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner and DeoxIT® Gold) that said it would improve and cure connection problems.   Since we tried just about every contact cleaner, enhancer, and vapor corrosion inhibitors, which also said it cured connection problems, I was hesitant to say the least. I am the systems service manager for this division, and this issue is costing the company millions of dollars annually, so I was almost desperate to solve this problem and willing to try anything. So, I ordered one of CAIG’s industrial survival kits and tried it on a few of the most difficult cases we had.

I AM NOW A CAIG BELIEVER – After eight months no service calls due to contact and connector issues. We now include a DeoxIT® D-Series and DeoxIT® Gold kit with every system we install and it is a survival tool for all of our service technicians. Looks like sometimes you can believe what you read in an advertisement.

Thanks, CAIG for saving our company millions of dollars and making us look like miracle workers with our customers.

Mike Klein, System Service Manager

db Sound


I just built a recording rack for Paul McCartney and it had a problem at the time of the first show. I had tested the system before it left the shop, and the two Tascam MX-2424’s, a Berhinger DDX-3612, a Rosendahl Time word clock generator, and 72 Glyph Hard Drives all worked at the shop. Two hours before the show, I found myself trying to get the system up and going.

One of the Tascam units had stopped working, and I could not understand why! I was in panic. It was a soldout show, and people started getting seated.   The unit had a flash memory card in it, and I figured that since it was locking up on start, there had to be a problem with the card. It was not loading the data, so I used some DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner on the contacts, wiped it off, then use the DeoxIT® Gold solution. I then tried it again, and IT WORKED! The memory was reloaded, and the show was recorded as planned.

I am an avid DeoxIT® customer and always will be. I use it along with the DeoxIT® Gold and DeoxIT® Fader on controls and switches on outboard gear, as well as audio consoles worth well over $250,000. I will always use DeoxIT®, and now our whole company uses it as well. We use it for tours like the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Incubus, and AC/DC, to name a few. We also use it on the equipment for theater shows like Riverdance and Barney.

DeoxIT® can be trusted around the world, and let me tell you it is! Thanks CAIG for such a great product. You saved us more than once!

Ranshaw, Service Manager, db Sound

dBm Services


Recently, a rep from another chemical company sent me a sample can of their new contact cleaner,   promising to “blow away DeoxIT® D5, at a cheaper price”.   I moistened a swab with THEIR cleaner, and took it to one-half of the dirty edge connector pads on a nasty looking PCB. It barely touched it. I repeated the process with DeoxIT® D5. It removed the oxidation immediately and the device has worked perfectly ever since.

John R. Frondelli, Tech Services Director, dBm Services

Steve Ng

DeoxIT® Saved My Family!

My company will always appreciate CAIG products as your product DeoxIT® D5 actually save my family once while we were driving up north to Malaysia. We were driving in the middle of the night trying to clear as much distance as we could to reach the resort we were heading to and that proved to be a big mistake…

Half-way driving thru a secluded spot our car acted strangely and died on us in the middle of nowhere. Our first thought was who is going to come help us?

I checked the car and everything was dead. I was not able to crank up the car but somehow the batteries were still functioning faintly. I was sitting in my driver seat when I suddenly realized it might be a bad contact somehow. I searched my glove compartment, my side pocket and I found a tiny little bottle of DeoxIT®, I sprayed the D5 onto my car’s battery terminals and asked my wife to try cranking up the engine. Initially the engine did not respond and that put my family in a panic state but to calm things down we tried cleaning the terminals then I applied the D5 again and oh boy the DeoxIT®  miracle happened.

Our engine came back to life and we were so relieved! We managed to drive to the resort and we were dead tired. I checked the battery again in the morning and was shocked to see oxides covering the battery terminals that causes the engine failure.

From that time onwards, I always have DeoxIT®  in my car’s glove compartment.

Thank you CAIG,

Steve Ng