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Honeywell Solstice

DeoxIT® D-Series is an excellent product for removing oxidation and contamination from dirty switches & controls and reducing intermittent contact problems. We have been using CAIG products with great success for over 40 years.


Diebold Nixdorf

We have been using CAIG products since 1980 on our automated teller machines to help ensure reliable performance.


Fred Weinberg Productions

I have been a recording studio owner for over 20 years. Years ago, when an important piece of audio equipment stopped functioning, during an important session, my assistant pulled out a spray can of DeoxIT®. After spraying the product on several circuit board contacts, the equipment worked perfectly. It was a “life saver.”

I became a fan of CAIG products, such as DeoxIT®, and DeoxIT® Gold, other CAIG products.  I could not believe the efficiency and cost effectiveness, saving old and new equipment.

Suffice it to say, DeoxIT® saved my equipment many, many times, and saved me on equipment repairs. In fact, I recently dragged one of my vintage Tape Recorders out of our storage vault because I needed to transfer analog tapes to  my computer.  The recorder had not worked for years. Before my taking it apart, I decided to try the CAIG products, and incredibly . . .Voila!!,  it revived the  good ol’ machine.

Bottom line…Before spending money on equipment repair, ranging from recording equipment, computers, outboard equipment, and even many household electronic items, I suggest looking into the many CAIG products available in order help to revive them, or as preventive measures, to help keep them all  “Humming Happily”.

Fred Weinberg


General Electric

We were having trouble with edge connectors in our manufacturing environment until we tried DeoxIT® Gold Wipes . . . . . . great product.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

We identified that we were having significant supplier cleaning issues on many of our component interconnects that were leading to higher rates of failures for our customers in some cases.  An investigation was launched to improve the quality of our interconnects.   We performed environment testing, system testing, and field testing on our most problematic systems.   We determined that applying the DeoxIT® D-Series dramatically improved the performance and reliability of our interconnects on our servers.   The three year investigation included a full blown qualification of the DeoxIT® D-Series product on our assemblies, memory dimms, and memory connectors and the results passed all of our testing with flying colors!

The CAIG Team has and continues to be a tremendous asset, working with our team to develop tools and a process of implementing the cleaning process to our manufacturing facilities worldwide.  It has been very clear that CAIG has our customers and our companies best interest in mind in creating a method of improving the reliability of our products in a very cost effective manner.   Personally, their customer service and technical expertise is second to none – it continues to be a pleasure working with them!

Chuck C.
Master Quality Engineer, HPE Servers



CAIG’s DeoxIT® D-Series is great stuff. We use it on feedback slide-wires, edge connectors, & relay contacts in industrial process controls.



I have used CAIG products over the last 30 some years. DeoxIT® D5 Contact Cleaner, DeoxIT® F5 Fader, and DeoxIT® Gold Pro Gx3 are all indispensable when servicing older units with dirty or intermittent mechanical switches and controls. DeoxIT® Gold Pro Gx3 is the only solution for cleaning dirty tube pins that I have found and it will not turn to gunk under the high temperature of the vacuum tube pins. For servicing of electronics these products are indispensable. Thanks, CAIG Labs!

Ron Cornelius – McIntosh Labs



People call me daily asking for recommendations for cleaners and lubricants. Most everyone has tried something less than DeoxIT®, and after using what we authorize, the results are always positive, sometimes bordering on miraculous.



We use DeoxIT® Gold Wipes to protect virgin edge connectors, DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner to eliminate intermittent problems on primitive tin-to-tin connectors (which tend to vibrate) and will be using DeoxIT® Gold in the field for gold connectors . . . . . excellent products.



Corrosion problems on very sensitive connectors have been an annoying problem for us. We have tried many products without success until we tried CAIG’s DeoxIT® D-Series and DeoxIT® Gold. They are the only products that have worked perfectly. We highly recommend them.


System Service Manager


We manufacture, install, and service industrial equipment in the electronics manufacturing industry worldwide. Over the years, the division that had the biggest problem is our warranty repair.   Our service technicians would repeatedly go back to the same account to troubleshoot and fix contact and connector related issues. It got so bad on some accounts (in high humidity and high pollutant environments) that we changed all the connectors to gold plated and in some instances, direct soldered the connections.

I then read an ad in an industrial magazine for a product (DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner and DeoxIT® Gold) that said it would improve and cure connection problems.   Since we tried just about every contact cleaner, enhancer, and vapor corrosion inhibitors, which also said it cured connection problems, I was hesitant to say the least. I am the systems service manager for this division, and this issue is costing the company millions of dollars annually, so I was almost desperate to solve this problem and willing to try anything. So, I ordered one of CAIG’s industrial survival kits and tried it on a few of the most difficult cases we had.

I AM NOW A CAIG BELIEVER – After eight months no service calls due to contact and connector issues. We now include a DeoxIT® D-Series and DeoxIT® Gold kit with every system we install and it is a survival tool for all of our service technicians. Looks like sometimes you can believe what you read in an advertisement.

Thanks, CAIG for saving our company millions of dollars and making us look like miracle workers with our customers.

Mike Klein, System Service Manager

db Sound


I just built a recording rack for Paul McCartney and it had a problem at the time of the first show. I had tested the system before it left the shop, and the two Tascam MX-2424’s, a Berhinger DDX-3612, a Rosendahl Time word clock generator, and 72 Glyph Hard Drives all worked at the shop. Two hours before the show, I found myself trying to get the system up and going.

One of the Tascam units had stopped working, and I could not understand why! I was in panic. It was a soldout show, and people started getting seated.   The unit had a flash memory card in it, and I figured that since it was locking up on start, there had to be a problem with the card. It was not loading the data, so I used some DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner on the contacts, wiped it off, then use the DeoxIT® Gold solution. I then tried it again, and IT WORKED! The memory was reloaded, and the show was recorded as planned.

I am an avid DeoxIT® customer and always will be. I use it along with the DeoxIT® Gold and DeoxIT® Fader on controls and switches on outboard gear, as well as audio consoles worth well over $250,000. I will always use DeoxIT®, and now our whole company uses it as well. We use it for tours like the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Incubus, and AC/DC, to name a few. We also use it on the equipment for theater shows like Riverdance and Barney.

DeoxIT® can be trusted around the world, and let me tell you it is! Thanks CAIG for such a great product. You saved us more than once!

Ranshaw, Service Manager, db Sound

dBm Services


Recently, a rep from another chemical company sent me a sample can of their new contact cleaner,   promising to “blow away DeoxIT® D5, at a cheaper price”.   I moistened a swab with THEIR cleaner, and took it to one-half of the dirty edge connector pads on a nasty looking PCB. It barely touched it. I repeated the process with DeoxIT® D5. It removed the oxidation immediately and the device has worked perfectly ever since.

John R. Frondelli, Tech Services Director, dBm Services

Germane Systems, LC

Rugged servers, computers and storage systems around the world that are used in the harshest military
and industry environments.

We have been a happy customer of CAIG DeoxIT® Gold Wipes (P/N G50W) for the past 5+ years. At our
facility, we have a wide range of server parts that are treated with CAIG products and considering the
fact that our products are mission-critical, we have much confidence in the performance of their
products. More recently, we expanded to use their DeoxIT® Gold Pen (P/N G100P), for specific
applications and yet again were very pleased with the results.

In addition to the reliability we have found in their products, their customer relations are something
worth mentioning as well. Upon discovering some hiccups in our application process, we started looking
for solutions whether they be better training on our end, or a stronger product. I reached out to CAIG to
get some insight and was met with a response from Mark in technical service. Mark went above and
beyond in having a clear understanding of the issues we are facing and providing us with a wide range of
options whether they be more cost effective or higher performance. It was very clear that he left no
stone unturned when attempting to tackle our issue which in the end, he did, leaving us yet again
pleased with CAIG as a whole.

I highly recommend this company for all your electronic needs as they not only offer reliable and high
performance products, they also back it with a knowledgeable team that are ready to help you with any
problem you have and provide you with viable solutions.

Special Processes Coordinator | Germane Systems, LC

Audio Research – Audio System Improvements!


Made From The Tears Of Angels

“Ever since I learned about DeoxIT®  through a Boombox forum and laid down the cash for a sweet can my life has changed for the better. Rumored to be made from the tears of angels (*may not be factual) DeoxIT®  D5 is truly a heavenly product. Simply spray it into a switch, slider or pot. Wiggle a bit (the switch, not your body) blow out with air then spray a bit more and all your problems are solved!! Thank God for DeoxIT”!

– Glen A

Scratchy Pot Fix

NEW Improved Perfect-Straw

NEW Improved Perfect-StrawTM.

Thank you for the 3 cans of DeoxIT® with the improvement of the new valve. This is much better than the earlier version. As long as I keep the straw somewhat angled up after use, it no longer continues to drip like an old guy with a bad prostate gland!  The undesired initial explosive force of the contents is now cured. However, I still preferred the original 3-setting flow rate used originally. But, with this improvement and my addition of a curved small diameter straw (heat-gun bent) attached with heat-shrink tubing, it is once again part of our daily service regimen.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and the confidence building provided by the new samples. This kind of communication and service is quite rare in the industry! I think I left good reviews years ago on the MCM website product review page. I would be glad to follow up on any other site you have – perhaps Facebook?


Steve Witte, owner

Possibly The Greatest Product Ever Created

Once again, I pay tribute to what is quite possibly the greatest product ever created by mankind: CAIG DeoxIT® D5. Just yesterday within a span of less than an hour, I used it to repair an A-designs mic preamp with an intermittent potentiometer and the blower motor in my Jeep Cherokee. Total savings: greater than $400. I accidentally got some in my eye…and I swear I can see better now! 🙂

Jon Clarkson, Guitarist of X-KRUSH-

DeoxIT® Saved My Family

DeoxIT® Saved My Family!

My company will always appreciate CAIG products as your product DeoxIT® D5 actually save my family once while we were driving up north to Malaysia. We were driving in the middle of the night trying to clear as much distance as we could to reach the resort we were heading to and that proved to be a big mistake…

Half-way driving thru a secluded spot our car acted strangely and died on us in the middle of nowhere. Our first thought was who is going to come help us?

I checked the car and everything was dead. I was not able to crank up the car but somehow the batteries were still functioning faintly. I was sitting in my driver seat when I suddenly realized it might be a bad contact somehow. I searched my glove compartment, my side pocket and I found a tiny little bottle of DeoxIT®, I sprayed the D5 onto my car’s battery terminals and asked my wife to try cranking up the engine. Initially the engine did not respond and that put my family in a panic state but to calm things down we tried cleaning the terminals then I applied the D5 again and oh boy the DeoxIT®  miracle happened.

Our engine came back to life and we were so relieved! We managed to drive to the resort and we were dead tired. I checked the battery again in the morning and was shocked to see oxides covering the battery terminals that causes the engine failure.

From that time onwards, I always have DeoxIT®  in my car’s glove compartment.

Thank you CAIG,

Steve Ng

Saved Thousands With Miracle Products

I have saved thousands of downtime and labor hours, and many more thousands of dollars with DeoxIT® D5 and DeoxIT® Shield S5. I learned about these miracle products over 30 years ago from a Hewlett Packard field service manager–they were using D5 to solve dry-circuit relay contact intermittent. Since then, I have used D5, always, and S5, as needed, to keep diagnostic medical equipment operating reliably.

The first can of D5 cost me $11; I used it to save $11,000 in less than a week by treating intermittent circuit board edge connectors that had been damaged by ignorant electronic technicians who rubbed the gold away with their “Magic Pearl” rubber erasers.

My professional work with sensitive electronics is always done with CAIG Laboratories products close at hand. And, all my home and hobby work benefit from these products, too.

Cheap Junk Pots

DeoxIT® D5 is the BEST! Nothing else comes close. I had 10 cheap junk pots made in China that went to crap and D5 made them brand new again

Must Be Voodoo Or Something

No, sorry, I refuse to believe that your DeoxIT® is a product of science. I think it must be voodoo or something. A single drop of DeoxIT® added to each of two staticky controls brought my guitar amplifier back to life. I didn’t even disassemble anything; I just pulled the plastic knobs off and added the DeoxIT®.

I’ll bet that your magic whatever-it-is saved me a couple of hundred bucks. So thanks.”

Total Maint. Must-Have

An uppity EHX Poly Phase restored to its smooth, swishy self with a healthy dose of DeoxIT® D5 – a total maintenance must-have.

Must Have For Any Stereo

DeoxIT® D5 & G5, Absolute must-haves for any studio!

Any Conductivity Fix

Don’t know what DeoxIT® D5 is? Then you are missing out. Practically any small conductivity issue can be resolved.

Marantz Stereo Fix

I used it to bring back the receiver that got me started in audio. When I was in 8th grade. I was hanging around with my buddy Joe. He had a brother Mark who sang in a band and was really into music this was in 1976. What’s really amazing was he was quadriplegic. He had a Marantz 2215 receiver I forget the speakers, possibly Dynaco’s or AR-3s.
I never heard a nice stereo before, my parents had a crappy one. He played Vulcan Princess by Stanley Clake and I was blown away. I had to get a nice stereo too.
Mark and I became friends as well and Mark upgraded his stereo several times. Over the years, we got together less and less. I had a family and a more than full time job. Then a few years ago Joe told me Mark was in the Hospital and before I could get a chance to see him he died.
Several months later Joe asked if I wanted to help him clean out Marks stuff from his parent’s basement where he lived. Sure. So I’m stacking some boxes and in the corner under a bunch of papers is the Marantz. Wow I said I thought Mark sold this a long time ago. Joe said You want it take it. Hell yeah, so We plugged it in and listened to it with some headphones, really scratchy and crackly, lots of dropouts. I brought it home and cleaned it and used DeoxIT® on the controls and it sounded great. So now it’s in my garage with all my other gear doing regular duty.

Freed Up Shafts / Frozen Pots

Works great for the usual cleaning of pots and switches. Has restored function to many stereos. However, I was most surprised when it freed up the shafts on two frozen pots. It’s the first thing I try now.

Vintage Receiver Fix

I have a vintage receiver that, when I first got it off CL, I thought the tone control pots were completely seized up. DeoxIT® proved me wrong! Sometimes I like being wrong.

Antique Radios Fix

After tinkering with antique radios for a time, I branched out into audio and have used it on many switches and pots.

Tell you a story. I help with a big annual charity garage sale (Habitat for Humanity). I was a customer only until I saw a Pioneer SX-780 the night before the sale when I was donating items. First thing the next morning, it was gone. The volunteers said they were using it to test all the other audio gear, but the controls were so scratchy on the 780 that they threw it out. Lo and behold, there it was under the lid of the dumpster, nicely sitting on top of bags of trash. A little DeoxIT® and it was good to go! That can of DeoxIT® is long gone, but I’m still using that receiver 10 years later.
Edit: I am now co-chair of the Electronics department at this huge annual sale. Anything not up to snuff but repairable comes home with me for a DeoxIT® bath.

Corrosion Fix For Weather Station

I have the DeoxIT® audio video Survival Kit and have used it for cleaning all the RCA connectors on my stereo. I have a LOT of these in use! Still haven’t done any pots as none are scratchy.
One of the best things I recently used it on was my weather station when it suddenly failed last winter. I brought it inside and popped open the battery door and saw a corroded mess with one of the leads completely ate through. I used DeoxIT® D-Series on it, scrubbing all the battery connections till clear of corrosion and then soldered the lead back on. It has remained free of corrosion to this day. Outstanding product, giving protection to my weather station which is within 300 yds of the tidewater.

Llickedy-Split Receiver Fix

I have no electrical background but lots of mechanical. When I first had a channel dropping out on my favorite receiver, DeoxIT® was recommended by everyone here as the first thing to do. It solved the problem lickedy-split. Since then it has revived many a receiver. I now also follow with DeoxIT® Fader and find that to be the longest lasting method. On almost every repair the culprit has been the input/tape monitor switches.

Tuner Front End Bearing Points

Of course it works great in pots but I also like using it on tuner front end bearing points to quiet the “shushing” noise when changing the tuner frequency.
“I love the smell of DeoxIT® in the morning!”

HK Receiver Fix

A friend took a chance on a $10 yard sale HK receiver that was in someone’s shed forever. He was brave enough to plug it in try it out and found it had one channel with problems and the usual issues when you moved any pots or switches. I told him he should try some DeoxIT® before sending it out for repair. He had never heard of DeoxIT®, so I volunteered that I had some at home, and would give it a try.
An hour and a half of spraying, pushing buttons, and twiddling knobs and the old HK was working just fine. When I returned it to him and he heard the difference for himself he said “What was the name of that stuff again, and where can I get some”? I told him if you own an old HK receiver you need DeoxIT®, and I gave him your website info.

Receiver And Pots

I used it on an old, long unused Sansui receiver, the pots could barely be turned when I started. After DeoxIT® D5 and DeoxIT® Fader F5 it worked great, and the knobs turned freely. Excellent products.

Motorized Wheelchair Fix

My most unusual use for DeoxIT® D5, was cleaning wiring harness connector contacts on my departed Quickie P300 motorized wheelchair and on it’s motorized reclining motor harness after it took a major dunking on my way from one college class to another. It saved that chair from major glitchy intermittent. I kept a can in my go bag anyways due to repairing broadcast gear.

X-box Controllers / Home Intercoms

Years back I was using something else, but read good things about DeoxIT® D5. When I started using it, it was reddish in color and had a sweet smell. It’s no longer red, but still does the job. I use the D5, DeoxIT® Fader, and DeoxIT® Gold.

From receivers and amps, to X-box controllers and home intercoms.

Just visited my dad and used the D5 on his Kenwood KR-9400 that he bought new and has never had serviced. He almost threw it out because the right channel was not working and the controls had much static. After a good DeoxIT® bath, I reassembled the receiver and connected it back up. He said “it’s not going to work”, and I said “yes it will”. It did and he was blown away. Great product.

Audio Gear, Computers, Cars Electronics Fix

Use DeoxIT® on everything–audio gear, computers, even cars with all of their new electronics. Saved me a lot of money in replacement parts over the years and saved my ass more than a few times when doing pro-audio/live sound. As someone else posted “Technician in a can”–this holds true. A bit pricey, but sometimes you DO get what you pay for!

Stereo Equipment Fix

It’s the absolute first thing we suggest trying when users are having issues with stereo equipment, be it amps, speakers, turntables, etc. DeoxIT® first, then we’ll go from there.

Remove Static On The Toaster Control

Jeepers! I wouldn’t be without a can of DeoxIT®, sure I’ve tried other brands but I’ve always come back to DeoxIT®, it just cleans the heck out of those nasty pots and switches and that heavenly aroma mmmm…Ever since dad bought me my first can when I was no bigger than an AR3a. Mom loves it too, she won’t be without it around the kitchen, no more static on the toaster control or those pesky buttons on the blender. We are a DeoxIT® family ,Mom, Dad and us kids, jeepers, I think everyone should use DeoxIT®.

Outdoor Lightbulb And Socket Cleaner

First thing I did when I bought a new house in Miami Beach was get a can of DeoxIT® and spend the day cleaning every outdoor lightbulb and socket. I remember having to replace several that had fused to the socket thanks to the salt air. I would swear that treated bulbs shine a bit brighter! But the main thing is that after the initial cleaning, I’ve never had to spend the time or risk cutting myself on a burnt out bulb that’s frozen into the socket. Properly treated bulbs just unscrew without a problem! I also use it on all my interior and exterior plugs, especially the exterior ones. In fact, once a year I go around the outside of the house with one of those testers that are used to see if there’s a good ground, and I use it like a brush of sorts and plug it into every outdoor outlet to make sure they stay clean and don’t oxidize. I recently discovered DeoxIT® Shield S5 and switched to that for all the exterior electrical connections. The bay is right across the street so I have the same harsh environment as a boat!

I spend time scouring the thrifts for nice old receivers. Some I keep, some I give away and some I sell to sustain the hobby, but ALL of them get a good cleaning with DeoxIT® D5 as soon as they come home. With very few exceptions some time spent spraying and exercising the various knobs and buttons brings them back to 100% full function.

Since I’m a crazy person, I have a few cans of the Value series Val-U? not sure how it’s spelled. After a good vacuuming with my tiny computer vacuum, I will often spray a good amount on the boards to get them clean and take years of grime and often cigarette smoke off them. There’s something about a pristine interior that makes an old amp or receiver feel better to me. Kind of like when you clean your car really well it seems to work better! Not to mention if I need to work on anything it’s crucial it be clean to be able to see where any traces have gone bad or crummy solder.
That’s my DeoxIT® story! I constantly find new uses for it!

Magic Repair Technician

DeoxIT® is magic repair technician in a can! I’m amazed how many problems get fixed with a very good cleaning of the pots

Vintage Video Games Fix

I learned about using DeoxIT® on noisy pots and switches, but I’ve also taken to using it on my vintage video games. I have a 1981 Centuri Challenger arcade game that didn’t have any sound when I got it. Turns out there is a volume pot on the sound board that’s known to fail. One of these days I’m going to replace that pot but in the meantime, a few squirts of DeoxIT® and several rotations back and forth and the game has sound again! I also use it on my vintage cartridge based games systems (Atari, Sega master System, Magnavox Odyssey 2) to clean up the contacts on the cartridge port. Squirt a bit of DeoxIT® on the cartridge connector and slide a cart in and out a few times and I never have to blow on my carts (anybody remember doing that with the Nintendo?) or repeatedly take them in an out to try and get them working. I also use DeoxIT® to clean up the jittery pots on rotary paddles (particularly Atari) followed by a few shots of DeoxIT® Fader.

Appear Smarter

DeoxIT® repeatedly make me appear smarter than I am . . . why wouldn’t I use it

Magic For My Bench

I first encountered DeoxIT® in the mid 90’s when I was co-owner of a metrology lab. My partner bought some and tried it, declared it worked like magic! As usual, he was right. I’ve sworn by it ever since, and my bench always has a variety of CAIG products on it.

Rescued 40 Year Old Pioneer Tuner

Rescued a nearly 40 year old Pioneer tuner using your products on the pots and switches 3-4 years ago, still going strong.

True Sonic Revelation

I recently moved and re-treated my whole system with the standard DeoxIT® and DeoxIT® Gold products. A true sonic revelation, this product really works!

Cleaning Switches And Pots

Around here, DeoxIT® has taken its place among the ubiquitous verbs and names, such as coke for soda, band aid, etc. Around here, cleaning switches and pots is specified as DeoxIT-ing them.

Lubrication For Stiff Locks

I am pleased with your products. I have used them on my equipment, my house and my car. The product line is very versatile. Just for your information, DeoxIT® Fader is also useful as a lubrication for stiff locks. My sliding door locks were really difficult to lock and unlock. A little DeoxIT® Fader on the key and the open and close was as slick as any lock I have used. That was over two years ago and the locks are still smooth as can be.

Thanks again for some great products.

Grado Blue Like New

My strangest use of DeoxIT® was to clean out the old gunky and dried up potting material in a Grado Blue. DeoxIT® removed it all, and I was able to repot and get it sounding like new again.

Audio Equipment Fix

I was new to audio equipment and got a Technics SL-23. The speed adjustments were radically unreliable — the adjustments just didn’t make sense. I used DeoxIT® to clean things up, and the adjustments worked like should. Really no mess, no trouble, no residue.

Trailer Hitch Connection
I live in an area that receives rain nearly every week.  I have a friend who pulls a work trailer on our wet roads day in and day out. Almost every time I see him, he is out at his truck plugging and unplugging his trailer brakes and lights, trying in vain to clean the oxidized connections between his truck and trailer. I have used deoxit for years on coax cables, tuners, etc, and I thought that it couldn’t hurt to spray his connections for him. One day when he wasn’t looking, I unplugged his trailer and sprayed down the connectors with Deoxit.
I went and told him that I had probably fixed his wiring problem between his truck and trailer. He laughed and went about his work. The next day, he said, “I want to know what you put on my trailer”. I asked why. He said, those lights and brakes have not worked that good in a long time, and I want some of that stuff you put on them. I gave him a full can of Deoxit, and he is one happy man!
Duane Whitstine
Tube Electronics, Interconnects, Speaker Cables

 I have used the vacuum tube survival kit for my tube electronics, interconnects, speaker cables, actually all the metal connections in my quality audio system for 3 years. It has made a definite improvement in sound quality across the board! The clarity, dynamics, realism, of music is not subtle. I have tried other products from other manufacturers that claim to do the same thing as Caig, believe me, they aren’t even close. If you want true performance & quality, get & use Caig products, Period.

Mike Gutheridge

Hand E Glove For Car Rebuild

Just used your Hand E Glove while I worked on my car rebuild. I rinsed off and went straight to dinner. Great product!

Ray Sieder

2011 Chrysler - South Main Auto Repair

DeoxIT Gold to the rescue! 😃👏

2011 Chrysler 300 in the shop today. Generator went into full melt down cranking out 21 volts! The “Gen Sens” wire from the generator to the ECM was corroded to say the least so the ECM could not “sense” the voltage it was putting out keeping the generator at full field! Hard to believe anything module wise survived this. Only casualty was the generator and believe it or not cleaning out the connector on the ECM with Deoxit Gold actually worked!! Time will be the ultimate test though…

South Main Auto Repair

DeoxIT® is awesome! Another happy customer!

Another happy customer! 

Deoxit is awesome! You can see a dirty Fuse panel in my 74 Jeep (pretty basic wiring as. Compared to today’s Jeeps) it was dirty and not making good contact. I unhooked the battery, then gently cleaned her with Deoxit and a tooth brush! She’s running better now. I didn’t immediately hook back the battery just to make sure all of the cleaner had dissipated. You probably can but I’m cautious.

Denny Shortt

Marine - DeoxIT® L260DCp -absolutely amazing at curing connectivity problems

I work in the Marine (Boat) repair business and a lot of my work takes place in freshwater marinas where conditions are Harsh. Through years of experimentation with various products I have found DeoxIT® L260DCp to be absolutely amazing at curing connectivity problems with everything from Shorepower connections to CAN data communication problems. Thank You for making a wonderful product.

Scott Mason LMD Marine Services LLC

DeoxIT D5 - You can fix anything with this stuff!

I’m a retired electrical engineer and work on a lot of electrical stuff – mostly guitar amps. I’ve lately been working on an old (1882) mechanical clock that someone else had messed with and evidently tried to oil it. DeoxIT D5 solve the problem. You can fix anything with this stuff!

Dave Cooley

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