CAIG Perfect-Straw™ – Almost Perfect!

CAIG Laboratories strives to provide the best products and a variety of easy to use applicators,

to enable the user to maximize the performance of their equipment cost effectively.

We listen to our customers!

We have been in business for over 62 years, and receive a tremendous number of testimonials and positive feedback, along with suggestions and requests for applicators and new products. One of these requests has been from many service technicians that use our products in the field. With a standard inserted straw, in many situations, the straw is hard to insert, the straw detaches or they lose the straw.

We incorporated the Perfect-Straw™!

Beginning in 2017 we began offering the DeoxIT® Line of products with the new Perfect-Straw™.
It has been very well received and most love the new attachment. As with any new configuration, we also receive negative feedback from people that have had issues with the new straw and/or are just resistant to change.

Yes, we do make mistakes!

It is hard to believe, I know, that we do make mistakes once in awhile in our 60+ year history. Incorporating the new straw has had a few issues; among them the pressure and control with the valve, and the diameter of the straw.

NEW valve with more control and less pressure:

The first few runs the pressure from the valve has been a bit too much for some users. We have since corrected this with a new valve with less pressure and more control.

Have it Your Way! Three Options!

Yellow straw, the diameter too big:

For certain applications, mostly in the music industry, the slightly larger diameter of the straw has been an issue. For these applications; we offer several options.
  • FLEX-TIP™, an attachment for the yellow straw to reduce the diameter and give you more flexibility. Includes a short and long red straw with the FLEX-TIP™ adapter. Part No. CL-EXT-PS2.

  • DeoxIT® D5 with a red smaller straw attached to Perfect-Straw™ along with a 24” extension tube to replace the red straw. Do it yourself, or we can do it for you.
    Part No. D5S-6ET.


  • DeoxIT® D5 with the L-M-H valve. YES, it is still available if you need. Buy from us or one of our distributors – contact us for distributors who still carry,  Part No. D5S-6-LMH


Thank you all for your patience!

Satisfying everyone becomes more difficult the longer one is in business. However, that is our goal! Thank you all for your patience during this transition. We have more exciting things to come for the Perfect-Straw™ and new products and applicators – stay tuned!