DeoxIT® Gold: End the Glitches in your Equipment

As the old adage states, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” These words really ring true when it comes to your electronics. Even a small/microscopic amount of oxidation or other contamination at critical connection points can cause glitches, inaccurate test data, or even all-out failures.

As we are all abundantly and happily aware, during the last ten to twenty years, data speeds have increased exponentially. That said, the connections that data travels through have remained relatively the same. Indeed, many connectors have become more susceptible to contamination because of efforts to reduce cost by minimizing the precious metal plating, thereby limiting the protection such plating provides. Thankfully, there is a proven, easy and cost-effective way to avoid the great majority of problems that result from the increased data speeds and decreased precious metal plating: DeoxIT® Gold produced by CAIG Laboratories.

How DeoxIT Gold Works:

The DeoxIT Gold is truly a unique product. Unlike other contact cleaners and enhancers, DeoxIT Gold is chemically based on hydrocarbon. When DeoxIT Gold is applied to connectors, it immediately begins to lift all oxidation and other contaminants from the contact surfaces. The DeoxIT Gold does not stop there. Being mineral oil based, it will not evaporate and will continue to remain on the connection. Months and months after the initial application of DeoxIT Gold and long after other contact solutions have evaporated away, the Gold formula will continue to clean and protect your equipment. By doing this, DeoxIT Gold is even able to remove microscopic oxidation at its root. While 20 years ago, this microscopic oxidation was of minimal concern, with today’s data speeds, this is enough to cause, at the least, glitches in your equipment.

Benefits of Applying DeoxIT Gold:

  1. Cleaning: Salt in the air, humidity, condensation, chemical fumes and condensation are all common causes of oxidation corrosion. As stated above, DeoxIT Gold does an excellent job of removing such corrosive pollutants from connectors. These are the primary causes of degraded performance of equipment. However, the benefits of DeoxIT Gold only begin with cleaning.
  2. Lubricating: DeoxIT Gold is an excellent lubricant. Each and every time you disconnect any connection, you are rubbing metal on metal that causes wear, removes the relatively small amount of plating protecting the equipment, and actually reduces the lifespan of your electronics. By applying DeoxIT Gold to the connectors prior to mating the same, the lubrication provided by the Gold will reduce wear and prolong the product’s life.
  3. Protecting: In addition, gold (and other fine metals used in plating) is a fairly porous metal, such pores tend to increase when the amount of plating is reduced. Consequently, contaminants are more easily able to adhere to the based metal and begin oxidizing the same. When the DeoxIT Gold is applied, it penetrates the plating and bonds with the base metal of your connector. By so doing, the Gold formula seals the plating. This provides both enhanced conductivity and protection to your connection. Again, prolonging your product’s lifespan.
  4. Safety: Most importantly, DeoxIT Gold is not flammable, non-hazardous and extremely safe. It neither burns nor dries out the skin like many alcohol-based contact cleaners. The DeoxIT Gold is non-conductive so it will not cause arcing and/or surges that can destroy your equipment. Also, it is compatible with most other materials and is definitely safe on plastics. Finally, DeoxIT Gold complies with all applicable regulations.

The DeoxIT Gold Pen

Perhaps the easiest way to apply the DeoxIT Gold is with the pen. As they are neither pressurized nor do they include any solvents, the pens are also one of the safest ways to apply DeoxIT Gold.

  • The pens are great for any open contacts on charging bars and power supplies: wireless phones, radios, etc. You will achieve a perfect connection the first time, every time and an increase/maximization of battery life.
  • Likewise, pens easily clean both probes and contact points on all test equipment, providing accurate test results and preserving your testing device.
  • Accurate data is key with metering and a clean connection treated with DeoxIT Gold ensures such reliable results.
  • Telephone landline networks. The DeoxIT Gold will reduce background noise and make sure you get a solid connection every time.
  • Non-Fiber Computers networks/Server Farms. Tired of having to re-seat your blade server several times to make a connection. Not only does this take extra time away from a technician’s other responsibility but it also increases wear on equipment, downtime and leads to replacement more often. DeoxIT Gold solves these problems giving you a strong mating connection the first time, every time and a Gold Pen can easily reach all the necessary contact points.
  • Mobile Communications. The wireless industry and the effectiveness of connectors and performance in the wireless industry suffer from an issue called Passive Interference Modulation (PIM for short). DeoxIT Gold greatly reduces PIM if not actually eliminating the same and the Gold Pen easily applies the DeoxIT Gold to all of the critical contact points without waste due to over application.
  • Medical – the DeoxIT Gold Pen is safe in a hospital environment and can optimize everything from an EKG to a dialysis machine.


THE BOTTOM LINE… If you want your equipment to perform at its maximum specifications for the longest lifespan possible, apply DeoxIT Gold to all of the contacts/connection points on the equipment!