DeoxIT® Improves the Performance of ALL Cell Phones.

  • Clean and rejuvenate battery connections

  • Clean and improve charger connections

  • Get the most out of your batteries

Where: Apply DeoxIT®Gold to gold contact pins
Ideal Applicator: DeoxIT® GOLD Pen
Alternate: Spray
  • Easy to Use:
    Turn off cell phone. Remove battery. Apply a small amount (wipe off excess) to the connections on the battery (1), phone (2) and charger (3) (both ends). Ideal applicator Replace battery. If any surface is extremely dirty, re-apply DeoxIT® GOLD until clean (leave on overnight for highly corroded connections – or pre-clean with DeoxIT® contact cleaner).
  • Recommended Applicators: DeoxIT® GOLD Pen, Part No. G100P. If using spray or liquid products, apply DeoxIT® GOLD to lint-free swabs (SWPX, SWP) and then apply a small amount to contact area/pins. Wipe off excess.
  • DeoxIT® will provide reliable charging – No more fiddling with the charger connector!
  • DeoxIT® will allow more current to enter the battery and therefore be discharged – Longer battery life!
  • Just apply to the connections before charging your phone every few weeks.