FLEX-TIP™ – Flexible Extension for Perfect-Straw™

WHY the Perfect-Straw™ ?

Please understand the CAIG Labs’ introduction of the attached/integrated Perfect-Straw™ to the DeoxIT® Line was based on many years of customer feedback.  The great majority was from people that lost their straw or had difficulties attaching the straw to the actuator/spray cap. Making this change had nothing to do with the volume of D5 to be applied, and we believe most people will agree that a can of DeoxIT® lasts a long time. For our customers that miss the old unattached straw and L-M-H valve, we have a few suggested options for you:

  • CAIG Labs now offers the FLEX-TIP™ – Flexible Extension for Perfect-Straw™ (Part No. CL-EXT-PS2). 
    This extension straw provides the user with the exact same sized diameter straw as our old unattached straws. 
    It incorporates a flexible joint that permits the user to bend the straw to any angle, also requested over the years by our customers

  • Next, for a little less than the price of our normal DeoxIT® Line Spray cans, customers can purchase our new1
    These new mini sprays continue to have the adjustable spray valve (L-M-H) and the unattached straw, plus they utilize the newest and best available solvent/propellant, 
    Solstice from Honeywell, which is non-flammable and safe for the environment. (For DeoxIT® D-Series, Part No. DN5S-2N, For DeoxIT® Gold G-Series, Part No.GN5S-2N).

  • To address the slow evaporating solvent (sometimes messy) in the standard D5S-6 (both old and Perfect-Straw™ versions), we have the Non-flammable versions (DN5S-2N and DN5S-6N). These (and the other “N” versions) in our line use the new Solstice solvent which is a fast-dry, non-drip solvent. They provide a safe and precise application of DeoxIT®. 

  • As a final alternative, if you are looking for DeoxIT® D5S-6 spray with the original L-M-H valve and small red straw, CAIG has distributors that continue to offer the old can. 
    If you would like to go in this direction, we are happy to provide you with referral information. 

FLEX-TIP™ – Extension Tube for Perfect-Straw™.

– Reduces straw diameter at tip
– Reduces flow
– Flexible – Get to Hard to reach places (1.5″ length)
– Fits ALL Perfect-Straw™ Tubes

Fits all Perfect-Straw™ tubes
Flexible tube
Chemically resistant tube
Tube (red) Length: 1.5″

Part No. CL-EXT-PS2