A Unique Hand Lotion that Creates an Invisible Glove.

Protects and Shields Your Hands from Dirt, Grease, Chemicals and Harsh Contaminants – While You Work

Protects & Shields  •  Conditions  •  Moisturizes  •  Non Greasy  •  Anti-static Protection

Directions For Use

  1. Clean hands with soap and water.
  2. After hands are clean, apply a small amount of HAND-E-GLOVE® (Part No. EEP-102) to hands. Rub until fully absorbed into skin.
  3. When finished with your activity, wash your hands again with soap and water.
  4. After hands are clean, apply a hand conditioner as needed.

Made with Natural/Organic Ingredients!

Use at Home and Work

+ Moisturizes Skin
+ Safe / Tested
+ Non-Greasy
+ Does not Impair Grip
+ Mechanics
+ Electronics
+ Painting
+ Tile Work
+ Motor Sports
+ Hobbies & Crafts
+ Grease and Oils
+ Gardening
+ Cleaning Solutions
+ Abrasives
+ Anti-Static
+ Beauty Salons

Comes In A Variety Of Applications

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