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 Perfect-Straw™ Re-Design Update

 We listen – most of you love our new design,
however; many requested less pressure and more control.

Our new D5S-6 production run is available with a new valve – ask for Lot number # 18101. Our other products will follow with the new design. Also available is our DeoxIT® D5S-6ET with a flexible smaller diameter extension tube. If you still require our old DeoxIT® D5 can with the adjustable valve, please order part no. D5S-6-LMH-2X, see below.

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Connections on Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Q?  I have photovoltaic solar panels with connectors made by Multicontact (connectors are MC3 style).  The contacts are oxidized, some near black in color, and I believe they are either solid silver or silver plated.
The contacts are not accessible to clean them mechanically.  Looking on line it appears that your D5S-6 CAIG DeoxIT 5% Spray Contact Cleaner would work well to clean and protect these contacts. 

However, I am emailing to be sure that is the best product to use. Please let me know which of your products would be best to clean and protect the contacts in these connectors.
Mike Caplin

A! Yes, the DeoxIT® D-Series is the product to use.  It may not remove the "black" color, however, it will restore, improve and protect the connections.
Depending on access to the surface, I would use either the D5S-6 or DN5S-6N product. If you are worried about over-spray, use the DN5S-6N or non-aerosol applicators. >> Click Here

If you have connections that are exposed to the elements (moisture, dirt, contamination, etc.), we suggest using our DeoxIT L260D Grease - it has the DeoxIT D-Series liquid infused in our lithium grease.
It will provide an additional barrier to protect the surfaces. 
Best regards,
CAIG Tech Support
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When Do I Use: Lithium Grease? Lithium Grease Infused with DeoxIT® Dx100L? Particles in Grease?

Overview - Lubricating Greases Grease is used to lubricate moving parts, usually where metal rubs against metal. It's made to be thick so that it will stay put in places where it would be difficult to keep thinner
oil next to moving parts or where oil could leak out, as in automotive wheel bearings and ball joints. Grease is also applied to surfaces to add an extra barrier to protect from severe environments and weathering.

Grease has two main ingredients:
1. A lubricant that combats friction
2. A thickener, which gives the grease the consistency that will hold it in place next to moving parts.

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Bench Foot Activated System for DeoxIT® Sprays


DeoxIT® D5 Spray Twin Pack
(part no. D5S-6-LMH-2X)

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