Re-Aligning the
Perfect-Straw™ Actuator.

Due to shipping and mis-handling damage,
some of the Perfect-Straw™ caps came out of alignment.
There is an easy fix to spray and prevent leakage of the valve.

Instructions for Perfect-Straw™ Re-Alignment (View Video)

  • 1. Look at cap button – if it is crooked, proceed.

  • 2. Remove cap by holding can as shown. Spray nozzle away from you.

  • 3. Push up on front lip of Perfect-Straw™, as demonstrated.

  • 4. Notice on inside of cap the crooked button.

  • 5. Using one finger, push the crooked button (from the inside) to the opposite side

  • 6.Hold for 3-5 seconds, repeat until the button is straight.

  • 7. Re-applying the Perfect-Straw™

  • 8. Place cap loosely on top of the valve evenly.

  • 9. Push down on two sides gently until it pops in place.

  • 10. Button should now be straight.