Rejuvenate & Protect Your Electronic/Electrical Connections with DeoxIT®
Contact Cleaner / Rejuvenator / Protector

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DeoxIT® D-Series – FIX Standard Electronic Contact/Connector Problems

Recommended products: Part Nos. D5S-6, DN5S-6N, D100L-2DB

DeoxIT® L260D Grease – FIX Heavy Duty Electrical Connections and Mechanical Issues

Recommended products: Part Nos. L260-DN8,  L260-DQ8

Problem with regular contact cleaners:  

  • Solvents push away surface contamination but do not
    solve the problem  

  • Can not remove surface oxides and sulfides, the major cause
    of decreased performance & failures  

  • Most are not safe on plastics  

  • High waste, less eco-friendly

DeoxIT® Solution:  

  • Does not require solvents

  • Active ingredients chemically dissolve surface contamination (oxides and sulfides) without harm to metals and plastics

  • Actively displaces moisture

  • Increases conductivity (without causing shorts)

  • Seals & protects the surface

  • No waste – safer for the environment

  • It works when others do not!