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Your selection Guide indicates that DeoxIT L27-ME is good for high current and high voltage applications but not recommended for low current and low voltage electrical contacts.

My application is ring connectors on terminal blocks and on circuit breakers in a marine environment.
My aim is to not add resistance to the connection yet protect it from corrosion.

Should DeoxIT be added to the connector prior to fastening it to the terminal block or added after the connection is made. Is there a pray that would work best after all of the connections are made?
Is there an issue if the connector is removed and then reconnect if the product has migrated to the area of the connection.

What is the best product for this applications.


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Posted by Dr-DeoxIT® (Questions: 68, Answers: 81)
Asked on August 31, 2020 4:44 pm
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Hello Don,

The DeoxIT Marine Grease, L27-ME, can be used on high and low current connections.

We usually recommend the DeoxIT® D-Series on low current unless you also need protection from the elements. Easier to re-apply if required. Re-applying a grease takes more time.

You can either disconnect and apply the grease, then connect or apply as a coating over the connection. I prefer the disconnect then apply. If you have severe corrosion, use the L27-ME-Q grease (with quartz particles). The gentle abrasive particles help scrub/clean the surfaces.

No increase in resistance will occur and the grease will stay on the connection even if disturb.

See info on our pages, including test report.


Dr. DeoxIT®

Marine Greases: https://caig.com/new-marine-grease-electrical-and-mechanical/
DeoxIT D-Series: https://caig.com/deoxit-d-series/
Marine Product Recommendations: https://caig.com/product-literature/#toggle-id-3

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Posted by Dr-DeoxIT® (Questions: 68, Answers: 81)
Answered on August 31, 2020 4:45 pm