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Our most important concern is our exposed limit switches (rocker and plunger-style) which tend to accumulate grime from spray lubricants, road surface dirt, and winter road salting. We are in a freshwater environment, but exposed parts do take a beating.

We are also looking for a lubricant to help with our safety tail lock pads that tend to flash rust from damp and cold environment.  The main arm and pad are pushed into place by hydraulic arms. Our issue is the base pad of the bridge structure rubbing against the tail lock pad.

Third issue we run into is extreme cold operations on our exposed bridge gear & rack systems on a 1936 double leaf steel bascule bridge. In normal weather we use MobileTech lubricant, however in winter we have to mix it with another lubricant to make it adhere to the gears or it will flake off.  Not exactly something we like to mix up.

We have some photos of the limit switches and tail locks if you would like to see some of our systems.
I am familiar with some of your spray products as I use them on older Amateur Radio equipment I own (and highly recommended by other older operators).

Thank you,
Howie Hathaway

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Asked on April 22, 2020 5:01 pm
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Thank you for your continued interest in our products Howie.

Exposed limit switches:

Would recommend our DeoxIT® Spray (D5S-6 or DN5S-6N) which are lubricants.  However, they are formulated for a thin layer on the contact surfaces and will not attract dirt/grim.  If you require additional protection, we would recommend the DeoxIT® SM22DNp grease which is infused with the DeoxIT® liquid.

Safety tail lock pads:

Again, similar recommendation from above.  Probably just the D5S-6/DN5S-6N.  Try this first.  If more protection is required use the grease.

Exposed bridge gear & rack systems:

Use the DeoxIT® SM22DNp grease.  We do have this grease also with quartz particles (SM22DQp), which would help remove severe corrosion if on surfaces.



Dr. DeoxIT®

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Posted by Dr-DeoxIT® (Questions: 68, Answers: 81)
Answered on April 22, 2020 5:03 pm