Dear Caig Rep,

We support industrial customer that has some equipment that utilizes PCB card edge connectors. Some of these connectors are gold plated and have sound electrical connections. Unfortunately, some of the connector appear to have a tin plating. Some of those connections are proving to be problematic, especially with the low level signals. We have been remove the devices cleaning the card edges with rough paper cloths (producing gray spots on the paper) and reinstalling.

Could you please make a recommendation as to the most appropriate product to help mitigate this problem?

Thank you,
Steven Chmarney

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Posted by Dr-DeoxIT® (Questions: 68, Answers: 81)
Asked on April 21, 2020 7:47 pm
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Product of choice would be the DeoxIT® Gold.

Select best applicator for your needs.
For edge connectors the G50W wipes would be best. For sockets, we recommend the GN5S-6N spray.

Link:  https://caig.com/deoxit-gold-g-series/

Best regards,
Dr. DeoxIT®

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Posted by Dr-DeoxIT® (Questions: 68, Answers: 81)
Answered on April 21, 2020 7:49 pm