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I own a Pioneer SX 440 stereo receiver. It seems the right speaker channel is not working properly and is only giving out the slightest sound. Sometimes it crackles but then immediately goes back to quiet. I’ve guessed that it might be in need of a good clean to get it working properly again.

Which leads me to your Deoxit d series product. I’ve read nearly everything there is to read and I still don’t know whether I need the D5 or D100 spray. Can you perhaps help me here. I’d very much appreciate it as it’s driving me insane.


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Posted by Dr-DeoxIT® (Questions: 68, Answers: 81)
Asked on April 21, 2020 7:33 pm
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Hello Adam,

You could probably use any of the DeoxIT® D-Series sprays.
Personally, I would use the D100S-2 or the DN5S-6N (DN5S-2N).
However, using the D5S-6 will be fine too, just be carefully not to spray too much.

Unplug device.
Spray volume and balance potentiometers.  You may have to take cover off to spray into the pot notch.
Rotate several times.
Then also treat all your cables (RCA, speakers, etc.)
Wait a few minutes then plug in and operate.

LINK: https://caig.com/deoxit-d-series/

Dr. DeoxIT®
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Posted by Dr-DeoxIT® (Questions: 68, Answers: 81)
Answered on April 21, 2020 7:34 pm