Audio Visual 1-2-3

The 1-2-3 On Selecting the Products You will Need to:

Improve and protect the performance and reliability of Audio and Video Equipment; Components, TV’s, Monitors, Displays, Indoor/Outdoor Speakers, Recording Equipment, Gaming Equipment, Tablets, Phones, MP3, Headphones, Cameras, Navigation, Drones and many more!

KEEP IN MIND: The 1-2-3 is a quick look on selecting products you may need to service and improve your equipment. Obviously, there are so many different applications, some of which are unique or challenging, we can not cover all of them. Please contact us if you need additional help selecting: Contact Us.

If you are already familiar with how to use CAIG products and just need product and applicator suggestions,
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1. Open AUDIO/VIDEO 1-2-3 PDF File To The Right =>

2. Select the Category you are interested in:

a) Electrical/Electronic Connections – Indoor
b) Electrical/Electronic Connections – Outdoor and Severe Applications
c) Electronic Connections – Pots, Faders, Conductive Plastics and Carbon-based Controls

3. Select the Product by Application: JUMP DOWN to Select Products

a) General Use Around the Home/Office/Shop
b) Audio/Video Equipment
c) Recording Equipment
d) Outdoor and Severe Applications
e) Outdoor and Severe Applications – High Performance