Reduce Forklift battery connector arcing and intermittent control board malfunctions

Where: Apply DeoxIT® to all contact points
Ideal Applicator: DeoxIT® Spray
Alternate: Pen needle, wipes

In our shipping/receiving dock we use many fork lifts, some electric, gas and propane. Maintaining them is a high priority and can be costly due to costly parts, man hours and downtime. DeoxIT® and DeoxIT® SHIELD has been indispensable products in reducing our overall cost and downtime for this department. We use them to clean and protect ALL of our high amperage connectors as well as very low amperage/signal connections on our control boards.
Our equipment is subject to extreme weathering and heavy duty use and DeoxIT® and DeoxIT® SHIELD are now always handy to get us out of a jam. We use it everywhere now.

Submitted by M. Conner