More power into and out of rechargeable batteries

Where: Apply DeoxIT® to all contact points
Ideal Applicator: DeoxIT® Pen
Alternate: Sprays, Wipes

On typical rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries without treatment to the batteries, I am able to charge the batteries to approximately 1.35 volts. After treating with the DeoxIT® fluid, I am able to increase the charge to the batteries to approximately 1.41 volts. This INCREASE IN CHARGE ENABLES ME TO INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF PICTURES FROM 40 SHOTS TO APPROXIMATELY 55 SHOTS with my Nikon 990 digital camera – imagine the performance gained by all equipment – COULD BE THE REASON THE ENERGIZER BUNNY RUNS LONGER!

Directions: Apply the DeoxIT® fluid to the battery contacts, both sides. Wipe off excess fluid. All you need is a thin coating. Install batteries into the charger for the specified time. Take the batteries out of the charger and re-apply the DeoxIT® fluid. Wipe off excess. Follow this procedure every time you charge the batteries. I also use the fluid on all other batteries, switches and connectors in my audio system, remote controls, light bulbs, car connections. Seems there is unlimited uses.

E. Shykind