Hobby mini4wd motors/brushes – increase speed and lubricate

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I would like to have your suggestion about the best product to use in small DC brushed motor 2.8V.

My hobby is mini4wd model and usually I use a contact cleaner/lube spray to improve speed and lubrication of motors. None of them last.

I was thinking about D5S-6 or D100S-2 (I don’t know if G5S-6 can be an option because the brushes are in graphite material). I heard they work best.

Best products for cleaning circuit boards

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Which product is best for cleaning electronic circuit boards, product for deoxidizing contact points before soldering, and which product is best for cleaning flux off after soldering?

 I recently purchased some Versapak tools which I previously had a tool set.  They are and older set by black and decker.  Nice for light duty.  I have purchased aftermarket batteries that fit tighter.  A trimmer I bought recently I had to use pliers to remove.  Do think your product would be safe to use cleaning and lubricating tools and around batteries and charger.  I am considering D5S-6.  I also play music and have used similar products.  I notice you have very good rating.

Old Hewlett-Packard test connectors – How do I clean severe oxidation and gunk?

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Hello Mark,

As we discussed, these connectors were manufactured by Hewlett Packard in the early 1970s for helping test a piece of modular test equipment (that is, the modular component would be removed from it’s parent device and attached via one of the two cables that involve these connectors.) I don’t know the nature of the gold finish on the pins, but I’d assume it was appropriate for military/industrial equipment of the era (not a thin plating.)

The connectors were left in a storage box essentially their entire life (and potentially in high temperature or high humidity environment), and in contact/proximity to some kind of flexible plastic foam that was intended to protect the connectors but eventually decomposed. Although I’ve encountered various types of decomposing foam before, I’ve not encountered deposits on gold contact pins (and as these cables/connectors are uncommon, I’m hoping I can restore them to serviceability.)

Roland switches – Tactile button switches stuck!

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I have a Roland TR-909 and the tactile button switches are stuck. I used the DeoxIT® cleaner and it worked.  What do I need to lubricate them?

What’s the Green Stuff

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We are a large service organization and treat many of our computer connections with DeoxIT® D-Series; including DIMM connectors and sockets, video card connectors, and other interconnects.  When we service equipment in the field, we treat the connections with DeoxIT®. After equipment has been in the field for months or years, we noticed a green residue on many of the edge connector pads.  What is the green stuff?

Since using the DeoxIT® our equipment has seen superior performance and reliability, saving us huge amounts of money, especially on warrantied equipment. Just would like to know what the green stuff is? The equipment treated with DeoxIT® are all still working flawlessly.

Microcontroller sockets – How long will DeoxIT® prevent oxidation?

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I am using your DeoxIT® D-Series on microcontroller sockets/pins and works great. How long it is going to prevent the oxidation on the socket pins?

Cell Phone Issue – losing calls with headphones!

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I’ve been having issue with my cell phone. At times when I have my headphones plugged in and I’m on a call, when I hit the connector by mistake, I lose the call. Can your product fix this problem?