Material Compatibility

Q: (21942)

I there a list posted of materials DeoxIT D100L should NOT come it contact with?

I want to clean the joints of ‘gunked-up’ Leatherman multi-tools. Stainless steel, mild steel, tool steel, brass, bronze.


What to use on Limit Switches on vintage game console?

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Message: Hello

I have an old cd player(vintage video game console) the limit switches that detect the start/end movement of the laser head need to be cleaned.

The limit switches are made of two blades that come into contact with each other.(so this is a contact and not a sliding application)
Which of your product would you recommend?
I read that your product lubricates and leaves a residue.
Can this residue cause problems with contact point type applications?

Thank you very much for your help!

Lubrication of pots

Q: (19951)

I have read the posts concerning the cleaning of noisy/intermittent potentiometers on newer and antique equipment. I think there is some lubrication if using 100% D5? If a smoother, more tactile feel is desired than achieved after using 5% or 100% D5, what do you recommend using as a lubricant? It would be difficult to use your fader lube into a pot without disassembly.

DeoxIT D5 versus DeoxIT Fader cleaner

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I have pretty much exclusively used DeoxIT D5 on pots and anything I want to improve the conductivity of.

Should I be using Fader spray on the rotary pots instead?

I did read where someone claimed that DeoxIT leaves a film which attracts dust etc. is this correct?

Thanks for your assistance.

Connector issues on SMT connectors mounted on PCBAs

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Industry: Other Contract Electronics Manufacturing

Message: We have a customer that is having connectivity issues on some of their products. When they use your DeoxIT G100L they state that they can get upwards of 60% improved results. The connectors in question are various SMT connectors mounted on PCBA’s (Hirose, Molex, Samtec, etc) all with gold contacts. I would like to know more about what may be the root cause and how your product is helping resolve the issues. If the pins are gold plated is there oxidation present? If so where is the oxidation originating (impurities in the plating, the nickel underneath the gold, etc)?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Best DeoxIT procedure for RF connectors with multiple re-connections

Q: (19652)

When applying your DeoxIT® Shield and DeoxIT® Gold, does the applied contact area need to stay wet or can it be wiped off an still be effective? If either is applied to an RF connector and the connector is connected to a mating connector, does your Shield or Gold products need to be reapplied to be effective or can the connector(s) be used several times before reapplying? Thanks for your time.
Kansas City Missouri Police Dept.

Fixing a volume control on a Fender Stratocaster?

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I am contacting you to ask for some assistance regarding the DeoxIT® D5 and DeoxIT® F5 products you sell.

In short, I am a musician in need of repairing my Fender Stratocaster guitar. The volume knob on my guitar is very crackly when being turned so I took it to the repair shop and they used Servisol. I thought they had repaired it but unfortunately the problem returned very quickly and the volume knob now also feels a bit stiff compared to how it used to feel.

I want to give repairing it a shot myself and I continually read your products are the best for this job. Evidently the pot needs both cleaning and lubricating and both of the above products do this. However, I am unsure of which of the two above products I should use for this job.

With regards to cleaning and lubricating the volume knob on my guitar, should I be using the DeoxIT® D5 spray or the DeoxIT® F5 spray?

Thank you,

Best product for ring connectors on terminal blocks and on circuit breakers in a marine environment?

Q: (19568)

Your selection Guide indicates that DeoxIT L27-ME is good for high current and high voltage applications but not recommended for low current and low voltage electrical contacts.

My application is ring connectors on terminal blocks and on circuit breakers in a marine environment.
My aim is to not add resistance to the connection yet protect it from corrosion.

Should DeoxIT be added to the connector prior to fastening it to the terminal block or added after the connection is made. Is there a pray that would work best after all of the connections are made?
Is there an issue if the connector is removed and then reconnect if the product has migrated to the area of the connection.

What is the best product for this applications.


Power and other connections fretting on display signs on our trucks

Q: (19480)

Normally our outdoor LED displays are fixed installations but we have several that are mounted on the back of trucks. Over time the power connections start to lose contact creating more resistance and causing issues. These are gold plated contacts (TE Micro Mate-N-Lok) and I think vibration from the trucks causes fretting. Do you have a product that could help prevent this from happening?


Best product for HDMI and Display Ports for Marine/Defense equipment at high humidity levels

Q: (19441)

Industry: Marine/Defense Systems

Message: I am having issues with display port and HDMI connections at high humidity levels, where moisture gets into the connectors and corrodes them. We are looking into the possibility of using some sort of spray or sealant to prevent this corrosion from taking place.

Do you have any suggestions of ideas on what sort of products you may offer that will help us lock the moisture out of these connectors?
The connectors are semi-permanent, and will only need to be unplugged when they are replaced.

Thank you,