How do I know if the DeoxIT product is 5% or 100%?

Q: (18463)

I’m trying to understand your product part numbers.  How do I know the product is 5% or 100%. And how much cleaning does each product do?

When would I use the cans with the Perfect-Straw versus the LMH cans?

Q: (18420)

Hello CAIG,

I’ve used both the D5S-6 and D5S-6-LMH products and both work well.  What is the difference and when would I use each?


New Perfect-Straw, having leaking problems

Q: (18419)

I purchased a case of D5 a year or so ago. I just started to use one of the last cans and the sprayer is starting to drip. It doesn’t spray like the other ones.
Please advise?


Refurbishing an old Car (automotive) Hi-Fi system – Which products?

Q: (18389)

I’m planning to refurbish the contacts of my old car-HiFi system. Is it a good 3-day practice to use first the DeoxIT® D-Series for cleaning the contacts, then the DeoxIT® Gold G-Series for the golden contacts and at last to seal them with the DeoxIT® Shield S-Series? Or is it a disadvantage to mix up the products this way? The car is exposed to the mid-European weather the whole year, so moisture and fast temperature changes is a problem even inside of it.

Do you have a flexible spray extension tube that stays bent?

Q: (18383)

Do you have a flexible extension tube that stays bent when you form it? The straight only straw sometimes has to be bent in such a way that it takes two hands to get it where it has to go and you can’t get to the spray button.