Lubrication of pots

Q: (19951)

I have read the posts concerning the cleaning of noisy/intermittent potentiometers on newer and antique equipment. I think there is some lubrication if using 100% D5? If a smoother, more tactile feel is desired than achieved after using 5% or 100% D5, what do you recommend using as a lubricant? It would be difficult to use your fader lube into a pot without disassembly.

DeoxIT D5 versus DeoxIT Fader cleaner

Q: (19851)


I have pretty much exclusively used DeoxIT D5 on pots and anything I want to improve the conductivity of.

Should I be using Fader spray on the rotary pots instead?

I did read where someone claimed that DeoxIT leaves a film which attracts dust etc. is this correct?

Thanks for your assistance.

Best product for lubricating P&G faders?

Q: (19595)

I am trying to figure out which product, if any, will be best to lubricate some old P&G faders (motorized). I would rather not have to take the console out of service to remove the faders if possible. Thanks for your time.

Thank you,

Fixing a volume control on a Fender Stratocaster?

Q: (19583)

I am contacting you to ask for some assistance regarding the DeoxIT® D5 and DeoxIT® F5 products you sell.

In short, I am a musician in need of repairing my Fender Stratocaster guitar. The volume knob on my guitar is very crackly when being turned so I took it to the repair shop and they used Servisol. I thought they had repaired it but unfortunately the problem returned very quickly and the volume knob now also feels a bit stiff compared to how it used to feel.

I want to give repairing it a shot myself and I continually read your products are the best for this job. Evidently the pot needs both cleaning and lubricating and both of the above products do this. However, I am unsure of which of the two above products I should use for this job.

With regards to cleaning and lubricating the volume knob on my guitar, should I be using the DeoxIT® D5 spray or the DeoxIT® F5 spray?

Thank you,

What to use on audio switches and encoders?

Q: (18581)

I’m in France and my job is repairing audio products. I use DeoxIT F5 to clean potentiometers and DeoxIT D5 for switches and encoders – GREAT products. Please can you tell me what products (grease) can I use after cleaning potentiometers and encoders. I have DeoxIT FaderGrease DFG-213, can I use it in potentiometers carbon and plastic (after cleaning with F5) and in rotary encoders (after cleaning with D5).

It is better D5 or F5 to clean rotary encoders ?


Lubrication of a NEMA 14-50 (240V, 50A) electrical outlet?

Q: (18567)

I’d like to make plugging and unplugging a lot easier.
Which DeoxIT product is safe for this voltage and current?
Would the DeoxIT Fader make more sense since it’s got a higher about of lubricant?
Does DeoxIT add resistance?
Do I need to worry about arcing and flammability of the solution?

Thank you,

Cleaning an antique 1970’s Moog synthesizer

Q: (18564)

I’m very nervous to use any chemical product on an ‘antique’ 1970’s era Moog synthesizer. However, the keyboard contacts as well as the ‘variable resistor’ knob pots all require cleaning – some feel sluggish to turn and have audible scratchiness when turned. Of all your products what would be the best and safest product to use – I’d prefer to keep the application of the chemical very ‘defined’ and avoid overspray.

Thank you,

How do I know if the DeoxIT product is 5% or 100%?

Q: (18463)

I’m trying to understand your product part numbers.  How do I know the product is 5% or 100%. And how much cleaning does each product do?

When would I use the cans with the Perfect-Straw versus the LMH cans?

Q: (18420)

Hello CAIG,

I’ve used both the D5S-6 and D5S-6-LMH products and both work well.  What is the difference and when would I use each?


New Perfect-Straw, having leaking problems

Q: (18419)

I purchased a case of D5 a year or so ago. I just started to use one of the last cans and the sprayer is starting to drip. It doesn’t spray like the other ones.
Please advise?