Electronic Lock Malfunction

Where: Apply DeoxIT® to all contact points.
Ideal Applicator: DeoxIT® Pen
Alternate: Spray

An electronic lock service organization was receiving many call backs for malfunctions in electronic locks they installed. The repeated service calls for the same issue was going on endlessly. After usually 2-3 weeks they had to make repeat calls. Since they were mostly warranty calls, it was costing them a lot of money.

The problem was due to oxidation, arcing and weathering of the contact points. Finally they were directed to use DeoxIT® to clean the pins and in some severe areas, they would followup with DeoxIT® SHIELD to provide longer lasting protection. The result was a significant reduction in service calls. Instead of going back every 2-3 weeks, they would only need to go back to a few every 4-6 months. The rest were taken care off, once or so a year as general system maintenance.