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Knowledge Base

Most Recent Q and A

Question: Do you have a flexible tube that stays bent the way you form it?  The straight only straw sometimes has to be bent in such a way that it takes two hands to get it where it has to go and you can’t get to the spray button.

Answer:  We have the Flexible Extension Straws for the Perfect Straw cans (part no. CL-EXT-PS2). However, it doesn’t stay bent the way you form it, you have to hold/press the end to have it bent. You can hold it with one hand/finger, while the other hand press the spray button.

Most Recent Testimonial

DeoxIT® Saved My Family!

My company will always appreciate CAIG products as your product DeoxIT® D5 actually save my family once while we were driving up north to Malaysia. We were driving in the middle of the night trying to clear as much distance as we could to reach the resort we were heading to and that proved to be a big mistake…

Half-way driving thru a secluded spot our car acted strangely and died on us in the middle of nowhere. Our first thought was who is going to come help us?

I checked the car and everything was dead. I was not able to crank up the car but somehow the batteries were still functioning faintly. I was sitting in my driver seat when I suddenly realized it might be a bad contact somehow. I searched my glove compartment, my side pocket and I found a tiny little bottle of DeoxIT®, I sprayed the D5 onto my car’s battery terminals and asked my wife to try cranking up the engine. Initially the engine did not respond and that put my family in a panic state but to calm things down we tried cleaning the terminals then I applied the D5 again and oh boy the DeoxIT®  miracle happened.

Our engine came back to life and we were so relieved! We managed to drive to the resort and we were dead tired. I checked the battery again in the morning and was shocked to see oxides covering the battery terminals that causes the engine failure.

From that time onwards, I always have DeoxIT®  in my car’s glove compartment.

Thank you CAIG,

Steve Ng

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