Connector issues on SMT connectors mounted on PCBAs

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Industry: Other Contract Electronics Manufacturing

Message: We have a customer that is having connectivity issues on some of their products. When they use your DeoxIT G100L they state that they can get upwards of 60% improved results. The connectors in question are various SMT connectors mounted on PCBA’s (Hirose, Molex, Samtec, etc) all with gold contacts. I would like to know more about what may be the root cause and how your product is helping resolve the issues. If the pins are gold plated is there oxidation present? If so where is the oxidation originating (impurities in the plating, the nickel underneath the gold, etc)?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Best DeoxIT procedure for RF connectors with multiple re-connections

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When applying your DeoxIT® Shield and DeoxIT® Gold, does the applied contact area need to stay wet or can it be wiped off an still be effective? If either is applied to an RF connector and the connector is connected to a mating connector, does your Shield or Gold products need to be reapplied to be effective or can the connector(s) be used several times before reapplying? Thanks for your time.
Kansas City Missouri Police Dept.

What to use to cleaning Motherboard pin holes CPU/Motherboard mounts?

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Would you recommend any cleaners or methods (soft paintbrush etc) to clean the pin holes inside where my CPU on my motherboard mounts left it open for 6 months forgot to tape it just dust and maybe some smoke film it’s a Asus rog crosshaiv formula z board retail over 200 bucks…

Power and other connections fretting on display signs on our trucks

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Normally our outdoor LED displays are fixed installations but we have several that are mounted on the back of trucks. Over time the power connections start to lose contact creating more resistance and causing issues. These are gold plated contacts (TE Micro Mate-N-Lok) and I think vibration from the trucks causes fretting. Do you have a product that could help prevent this from happening?


Need recommendation on which product to use on Audio and Video equipment?

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Hello CAIG,
We are professional installers and would like some advice or instruction sheet on which product to use on our audio and video equipment.
We also do outdoor installations for home and businesses.


Problem with silver-plated rotary switch on a Marantz 2325

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I have been using DeoxIT D5 cleaner on my Marantz 2325 beast for years now. It typically needs to have every silver-plated rotary switch sprayed every 6 months or so. As this is a lot of opening and flipping upside-down and sideways, so opted for the G5 gold spray 142 ml fluid ($40 Canadian) to hopefully leave a film to keep oxygen off the contacts a week after air drying the D5 away. Unfortunately the results were as if no G5 treatment was done, and the intermittent issue showed itself again.

Is my best bet to shove a bit of lithium grease into the rotary contacts about a week after a DeoxIT D5 treatment? I know it should be plastic-safe and if little is used it should not gum up much in the future. I do need to leave a film to prevent additional oxidation.

I don’t turn the function knob and know the DC bias voltage is accelerating the oxidation. I need to coat it well so i can save a constant need to repair every half year. I am considering bypassing the rotary switches all together. The contacts really are correctly aligned, but Montreal is a very humid environment.

My findings from the G5 were that it was unable to leave a significant coating of anything really. I think it pretty much all evaporates leaving the environment to take over. If it were not for plastics in the assembly I would be able to choose things that film over long term. Alas, since the 60s plastics took the industry and they are easy to destroy.

I cannot imagine repeating a procedure twice per year for life. Manufacturers used to do a mixture of stuff that protected well for about ten years back in the 70s. Lithium grease may very well be part of the good original mixture in potentiometers and rotary switches and from what i was told an early version of D5 was part of the mixture.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Best product on 7/16 DIN connectors (military/aviation) for 10 year life?

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Dear Sir

I am interested in using / testing DeoxIT Gold on RF power connectors.
These connectors are in difficult places to access and need to function well for 10 years. They are placed in exposed positions but the centre PIN and the coax outside are shielded by metal. see 7/16 connector.

These are to be used in the UK so not the -40c to + 50c , but may be near salt water, or pollution.

See 7/16 DIN connector

The main problem I think is thin film build at about 20 Angstroms thick, and not so much fretting.
Do you supply the Military? Aviation with any product and if so does it meet a test specification.

In short Do you think your product could help ?

Many thanks in advance,

Best product for protecting memory DIMMs and sockets

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Industry: computers
Customer industry: Simulation Training

Message: Hi,

I am an engineer at RAVE Computer, a custom computer manufacturer.  We use DeoxIT D-series wipes to clean the contacts of new memory DIMMs prior to installing them in certain customer systems.  The memory has gold contacts and arrives at RAVE brand new from the manufacturer.  The customer in question tends to field our computers for 5-10 years of service often in remote locations, some indoors and others in large semi-trailers converted to training facilities.  They wish to reduce or eliminate the need to reseat the memory every few years, as such preventative maintenance is costly.

1. Should we be using the Gold series instead?
2. Is there anything more we can do to protect the gold-plated electrical connection of the memory from oxidation and/or fretting?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience regarding this issue!

Karl R.
Director of Product Development
RAVE Computer

Is DeoxIT electrically conductive? Lowest operating temperature?

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DeoxIT Gold is working perfectly on our systems.  What is the lowest temperature that DeoxIT Gold would work effectively?
Also, is DeoxIT electrically conductive? This is for a micro switch applications and we don’t want shorts.
We also are not allowed to use silicone on our electronics, does it contain any silicone?

Thank you,

Aerospace Rotary Switches and Cockpit Controls – Best product?

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(This question was submitted to our Questionnaire page; It was edited for conciseness)

This product is for: Metal electronic connections

Contacts are fine silver on fine silver Collector is fine silver on hard gold plate BeCU Would like to know what DeoxIT Gold Gx series is designed for. Started using DeoxIT Pen D100P on test equipment with great success. DeoxIT Gold may also help with some production issues.

Existing issues and/or problems:
Using Crysto-Lube MCG 134 (NLGI 2) on contacts. Having shock / vibration induced chatter from grease. Need a replacement.

Environment device or equipment will be exposed to when in operation?:
Very severe aggressive chemicals naval vessels refineries mining etc.

Specify sensitive materials and/or components.:
MIL-M-14 Diallyl Phthalate (D72/6120F) VALOX 420 Resin (Polybutylene Therephthalate)

Best applicator: Pen Type similar to felt marker.

Additional Information:
MIL-DTL-3786/4 and MIL-DTL-3786/13
.5 Amp and low current
Vibration Grade 3
Altitude Symbol C (70,000 ft)
Temperature-Life C (-65 and +125) and (25,000 Cycles) Salt
Atmosphere (MIL-STD-202-101)

Mason Controls