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Message: Hi,

I am an engineer at RAVE Computer, a custom computer manufacturer.  We use DeoxIT D-series wipes to clean the contacts of new memory DIMMs prior to installing them in certain customer systems.  The memory has gold contacts and arrives at RAVE brand new from the manufacturer.  The customer in question tends to field our computers for 5-10 years of service often in remote locations, some indoors and others in large semi-trailers converted to training facilities.  They wish to reduce or eliminate the need to reseat the memory every few years, as such preventative maintenance is costly.

1. Should we be using the Gold series instead?
2. Is there anything more we can do to protect the gold-plated electrical connection of the memory from oxidation and/or fretting?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience regarding this issue!

Karl R.
Director of Product Development
RAVE Computer

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Asked on May 1, 2020 5:22 pm
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Hello Karl,

Many computer companies and server manufacturers use both the DeoxIT D-Series and DeoxIT Gold G-Series. The selection is based on the part and environment it will be exposed to.

Generally, I would suggest the following:
1. If care can be taken to make sure both surfaces are free (*) from oxidation, then apply the DeoxIT Gold.
2. If the cleanliness (*) of the connections are unknown, use the DeoxIT D-Series.

(*) What we at CAIG consider clean is the total removal of all oxidation and corrosion on the metal surface. This can only be accomplished in an ultrasonic cleaner or treating with DeoxIT D-Series until all oxidation is removed. Depending on how oxidized the surfaces are, will depend on how long the DeoxIT should remain on the surface.

Prior to applying DeoxIT Gold, for maximum effectiveness, we would recommend pre-treating with DeoxIT. DeoxIT Gold has a small amount of cleaning ability (0.5% deoxidizing agent, compared with 30% in the DeoxIT D-Series).

Under normal conditions, using option #1 or #2 above will be satisfactory. Only under extreme conditions or if just using DeoxIT D-Series doesn't last as long as you would like, then use the two step process.

Suggested applicators used by companies:

DeoxIT DN5S-6N-LMH Spray: https://caig.com/product/deoxit-dn5s-6n-lmh-non-flammable-no-drip/
DeoxIT K-D1W-50 Wipes: https://caig.com/product/deoxit-k-d1w-50/

DeoxIT Gold GN5S-6N (or GN5S-2N) Spray: https://caig.com/product/deoxit-gold-gn5s-6n/
DeoxIT Gold K-G1W-50 Wipes: https://caig.com/product/deoxit-gold-k-g1w-50/

Good luck,
Dr. DeoxIT®

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Posted by Dr-DeoxIT® (Questions: 68, Answers: 81)
Answered on May 1, 2020 5:23 pm